Wine tours for men

As quoted on on 6th July, 2016

A sparkling crystal glass filled with golden bubbles usually sparks an image associated with the debutante. Wine, once a preferred drink for the ladies, is now becoming increasingly popular with our menfolk. Moreover our men even assume an interest in knowing more about this elusive beverage – for instance its origin, type of grape and the regions that produce. For the wine enthusiast, we have a select group of tours within India that must be experienced.

  1. Rent a Vineyard!

For the luxury of your own vineyard (even for a day!) book a ‘rent a vineyard’ tour with Frateli wines. Located at Akluj in the Solapur district of Maharashtra, Frateli offers an easy getaway from Pune. This tour offers a chance to visit the 12 different handpicked grape vines from Florence, learn the wine making process from their in-house exert and taste 5 different kinds of wines with the winemakers. All the while reveling in the privacy and comfort created especially for you.

  1. Explore Nasik, Napa Valley of India

For a true taste of (wine!) what India has to offer, try the Nasik wine tour. Head first to the Sula vineyard, India’s largest vinery and wine distributor. A must try is a meal in their own French restaurant set amidst the sprawling vines. Proceed to the quaint York winery for wine tasting and meet the warm and friendly family who help run the place. Finally stop at the Grover Zampa, and enjoy the modern setting with sunny courtyards and patios. Several other wineries in the Nasik district can be explored such as Soma, Vallone etc. If you stay at V Resorts, an exclusive wine tasting tour can be organized just for you!

  1. Try an offbeat wine tour

In a sleepy town near Ramgarh lives an elderly couple from Italy who grows grapes in their backyard and makes wines with varying compositions. If you are ever near this place, do visit the couple – experience their stories of moving to India, enjoy their exceptional Italian cooking and of course taste the wines which are made less with science and more with emotion!

  1. Experience French

Set in the lush green Nandi hills near Bangalore, Grover wines is the only vineyard to offer exclusive usage of French grapes for the production of its wines. Private wine tours can be booked with them directly. Lunch is usually included, along with a visit of their estate escorted by an in-house expert.

  1. For the less connoisseur

The Goan Port wine is famous and has many admirers, though not really considered a ‘wine’ by connoisseurs. Made from table grapes and often ‘ad-mixed’, makers such as Vinicola and Madame Rosa stick to the original version. Ensconced in a 100 year old villa in Margoa, the Vincola winery is a must visit, even for pure historical reasons. Formal tours are not available and one can contact them directly to schedule a visit.


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