5 ways to speak with clarity and confidence in team meetings

 As quoted by Economic Times 22nd March, 2016

Meetings are becoming increasingly modular, and the concept of ‘brain storming’ is obsolete. In the startup world, time is of the essence; and in these rushed circumstances, meetings are held to solve problems, find solutions that are not obvious. So forget the days of sitting around a conference table eyeing the fresh donuts, be on the move, be strong, be fierce. Here are 5 ways you can make a difference at those team meetings:

  1. Do not Sit

Standing individuals exhibit energy and confidence. They stand out as they don’t fear eyeballs and are ready to speak up given the slightest chance. Your leaders are bound to notice you and are likely to call upon you first.

  1. Talk Less

You’ve got to stop beating around the bush and talk straight. Straight talk – your point communicated in less than 10 words. Leaders appreciate team-mates who can clearly enunciate their point and take the least time in doing so.

  1. Talk Numbers

No one cares for opinions anymore, unless you work in media! Back your argument with facts and figures. Don’t use sentences like ‘costs are less’ or ‘there is some improvement in sales’; this really annoys leaders. Use precise numbers when giving data especially related to your department.

  1. Ask Questions

There is no such thing as silly questions and even if there was, questions are usually not shot down by leaders who are happy to go into explanation mode. Probing and digging into a matter is what leads to ultimately understanding a problem and then solving it.

  1. Don’t Sleep

Usually one tends to loose the thread of conversation and is called upon at precisely that moment to answer / speak up. Embarrassing, to say the least! So keep your attention, easy enough to do in these times when meetings are short and time is scarce.

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