5 ways to keep your bridges intact while exiting a Company

As quoted in Economic Times on 13th May, 2016

A person leaving an organization typically has one of the 2 following reactions –

Immense relief and / or excitement for the future. A person plagued with only the first reaction may also take a few steps to ensure that his colleagues, peers and bosses remember him well. Here’s how –

  1. An Effective ‘thank you’

A thank you message is usually sent to all and sundry within the organization and is worded in a way that explains how much you learnt, what your next venture is etc. If you really want to be remembered, then the more effective way is to thank some people in person. Explain your next venture and tell them that you shall call upon them for help should you need to in the future.

  1. An Effective ‘farewell’

Companies sometimes organize exit parties for the employee in question, especially if they have been part of the organization for a longtime. If you want to leave a mark, organize a small party of your own! Choose a venue close to the office, or use the office cafeteria if you can. This way you can get all your colleagues together and interact with them before you leave.

  1. An Effective ‘exit interview’

Some bosses / HR people insist on an exit interview before you leave. This practice is common in consulting companies, though few Indian companies follow suit. If your company doesn’t, insist upon an exit interview and give your genuine feedback before leaving. During the interview, focus on avenues for growth; don’t harp on the negatives, after all you’re leaving now!

  1. An Effective ‘speech’

Wherever possible, do address the group at large – your colleagues, friends, bosses and subordinates – and enunciate your decision to move on. Use any forum that you can, your farewell party, a town hall meeting or any such opportunity that can be semi-formal or casual. When an exit is substantiated with the reason for leaving (usually a better position, more responsibility), it is always regarded as positive and no one begrudges the move.

  1. The Final day – An effective ‘Handover’

And so the last day arrives. To ensure a smooth exit do make sure your handover is perfect. Handovers are crucial to ensure that the organization continues to function well in your absence. Make sure data is profiled, files are transferred, and accounts are settled. And finally, make sure your team has your forwarding contact details. Nothing builds a bridge more than making sure you are available on phone / email should there be any need at any time even after your exit.

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